• – Dennis Devorick, Principal

    “It was an awesome opportunity to have 131 of our students become published authors! For our kids to do a FUN project, and at the same time improve their writing skills and do Laurel proud on the State Assessments.”

  • – Tatum, Student

    “I feel that I am writing something the whole world can read!”

  • – Dr. Thomas O’Neill, Principal

    “Last year was a magical experience for our students, getting their books for the very first time! Having a Book Release Party was so much fun for them… It was just a very exciting process!”

  • – Teri Marsh, Creative Writing Teacher

    “Longfellow Elementary is thrilled to be participating in the ECAA book project again this year! Our students are so proud!”

  • – Michelle Kapfer, Parent

    “I think this is a wonderful project for the kids. I love the photos included in the book. The kids feel very special during the book signing. This project helped my son enjoy writing a little bit more.”

  • – Beth Vilyus, Instructional Coordinator

    “We’re very excited about the project we did last year and we can’t wait to do it again this year! The book project has just made writing exciting for the kids and they’re not only writing because they have to but now they’re choosing to write on their own time too!”

  • – M. Florence, Parent

    “This is a wonderful project. I really appreciate what you have done and hope that you continue to do so.”

  • – Susana Maldonado, Teacher

    “It is a wonderful experience. In class, we have been talking about being authors and mental images that they create for the readers. The kids do not see the whole picture until they actually saw the book. They say they are going to be famous like Barnes & Noble. I am so glad we did it!”

  • – Shelby, Student

    “I feel like I am going to be famous!”

  • – Sherri Draper, Teacher

    “Wonderful project! The students enjoyed seeing their work published! They can’t wait for writing time. Thanks!”